Thursday, 9 September 2010

A few more examples of Jupiter and death

After my last post, I thought I'd check to see what Jupiter was doing at some famous demises. Naturally, the psycho-analyst Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961) came to mind. He had some interesting ideas about the end of life. In particular, he was of the opinion that we were quite likely to carry on in some way. In other words, the death of the body was simply another step on the journey of our souls. I had a hidden link to him in my last post - here's another.

So, transits when he died?
Jupiter and Saturn were transiting opposite his 3° Leo Sun. Jupiter at 6° Aquarius and Saturn at 29° Capricorn meant that the Sun was exactly opposite the midpoint.

So what about when Freud died? He'd just had a Jupiter return, Jupiter was exactly opposite his Mars and semi-sextile his Pluto (another death planet). Was Saturn doing anything in his chart too? Yes, semisquare natal Jupiter.

RIP Jeff Buckley; always
nice to look at a pretty face
Just for a change of rhythm, let's try an accidental death. The soulful singer Jeff Buckley (1966-1997) was killed when he went for a swim. Jupiter was exactly opposite his ascendant. You could say he was going to meet a greater teacher.

And just to get really sad, how about Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain (1967-1994) who died of a heroine overdose? Jupiter was exactly conjunct his Scorpio South Node, the point in your chart that symbolises where your psyche has come from. Scorpio, of course, is associated with death.

Both of these singers were born with the same intense mid-60s outer planetary signature as David Cameron, the PM.  Go figure.


  1. I read this when it was new, but got here again from your RIP Jobs posting, and in a very different frame of mind. Thank you for the tripwire for another blogpost of my own (shameless plug :) and a nudge towards inspecting Pluto's mythology more closely.

    I have trouble taking Jupiter seriously in Mediterranean mythology because he was such an underhanded, self-adoring, puerile habitual rapist.

    There's more to say but Blogger has been rotten about dropping comments and there's only so much I'm willing to lose at once :) xo

  2. Yes, it's remarkable how much time the king of the gods spends chasing pussy.

    Not like Odin - now there's a man's man!

  3. Or should that be a man's god.