Friday, 23 July 2010

A Special Relationship - but do they understand each other?

She's just not that interested. How do you tell that to someone?

It's tricky - especially if you're reading someone's chart and you can tell by the look in his eyes and the still way in which he's holding himself, that this is really important - and the chart, well, it's ambiguous, it could go either way. You hope eventually that he'll realise the truth for himself - or, and this does sometimes happen, she'll get interested. You need to give him a steer, but without being too brutal - because - and this is the nature of astrology and of life - things do change.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Let your Sun shine

So on the subject of artists, I did a little exercise recently on Sun signs for my workshop at the Jam Factory. This was based on two ideas. First of all, our Sun sign is our creative centre - and secondly, all signs are creative in a distinctive way. I found a top-notch artist of each Sun sign - yep there's loads for all signs.

What was interesting as I was putting this together was how easy it was. I found that the quickest way to do it was to think of the sign first and then guess which artist might be born under that Sun. It was surprisingly obvious quite often and much quicker than going through hundreds of birthdates. Western art is at its best, after all, a true expression of character, so it should reflect the natal chart clearly. In particular, a self-portrait is bound to tell us most.

Art or Craft?

I spent Saturday at Art in Action, the local shindig at Waterperry Gardens here in Oxfordshire. It's a hugely enjoyable event. Artists and craftspeople come from all over the country and there are always a few from much further afield too. As a visitor, the thing that really sets it apart is the fact that you can do taster sessions. This year I sculpted a human head in clay and last year I learned how to mix and use tempera paint. Both of which were very cool.

It set me thinking though. When does a craft become an art - and when is an art a craft? Clearly, you can be a brilliantly talented potter and yet be a craftsperson rather than an artist - or you can be Grayson Perry, the ceramicist/artist/quilt designer. I'm not making value judgements here, since both activities are excellent.

Monday, 19 July 2010

Take a vow

You know what, we big picture people are not the only ones to heave a huge sigh of relief when Saturn finally gets into Libra for a good long stretch. (Personally, I can already feel the pressure easing. ). Saturn himself is jumping for joy and kicking his heels in the air. 


Details, details, details

Saturn's transit through Virgo over the past two and a bit years has forced some of us to take a long hard look at how we organise the day to day nitty gritty of our lives.

Do you leave your unpaid bills on the doormat? Do you remember to put the top back on the toothpaste? Do you make sure your cat's flu jabs are up to date? I bet you've had to learn to stop letting those little things slide - quite so much.

If you're the kind of person - like me - who finds details awesomely - and I use that word precisely - hard to deal with, the last two years of Saturn in Virgo may have been a little relentless.

Friday, 16 July 2010

Cork that gusher - yadda yadda yadda

My mother phoned up this morning to tell me that she had her very own gusher staying with her - in the form of a dear friend who talks a lot. He's lovely but he chatters so much that she feels as if she's drowning in a sea of words. I happen to know he's a fellow fish, so the marine metaphor didn't surprise me.  He also has the Moon in Gemini, the classic position for those of us who like to blablabla, and Sag rising - how many lecturers have that. I didn't mention these points to my darling Ma, but I did point out that the Gulf Gusher has just been corked. And if she wanted our friend to stay shtum, she might need some helicopters and a dozen or so muscly oilmen. Strangely, she was quite taken with the idea …

So I thought it was pretty funny that, when I checked, it turned out the oil spill and our talkative friend both have Sag rising - within 1°.

Now a lot has been written on the web about the astrology of the gusher. It's obviously a profoundly symbolic event, and one that we are all pretty sure in years to come will be seen as some kind of turning point. It's part of the much-vaunted Cardinal Climax. I'd suggest it's partially a Farewell to All That at the end of Pisces/Virgo. Since Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac, that's pretty significant too.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Vampire Squid - Pluto vs Neptune?

I was taking a shower this morning with my five year old and she started to play a game about a "vampire squid" which was attacking us around the curtain. (Yes, apparently there is such a thing.) That's a pretty scary monster, right. Well, it also seemed rather a good image for the dark side of Neptune - a bloodsucking creature from the deep.

 So I wondered if I could assign a horror movie monster to each of the outer planets - in their nastier incarnations. Now if Neptune is Dracula, then surely Uranus needs to be Frankenstein and who is Pluto? Darth Vader, but I think he's vampirey too - rising from the dead after all. And surely Pluto's the planet of sex and death - exactly what Dracula's all about. The vampire represents a numinous frightening, hungry sexuality. (The Hunger - Bowie and Deneuve as vampy vampires.) These are surely creatures emerging from the soup of the collective unconscious ready to shake us - just a little - in our complacent little lives.

Well, thinking along these lines I wondered if the charts of famous Draculas might provide a clue: Bela Lugosi and Christopher Lee, say. How would they match up with Bram Stoker, the author of the original Dracula? And Spike in Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Interview with a Vampire? And Then of course there's the whole Twilight thing - where  do I even start there… Is there a Neptune connection? Or is Pluto going to win out. And how can I possibly find all those charts. Furthermore, if there is a Neptune connection it might just be the cinema because Neptune is the planet of the silver screen.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Beginning at the beginning

So you know you can cast a chart for just about anything. It's just a diagram of the sky at a particular time - waiting to be interpreted. Naturally,  I thought I'd check the chart for this blog just as I launched it. And, guess what, astrology works. This chart was created at by the way.

The ascendant is exactly - to the minute - conjunct my Sun - pretty good symbolism for putting my head over the horizon. 

Uranus (astrology) is in the first house and conjunct Jupiter the planet of expansion and knowledge. So the first house tells us the subject of the blog. Jupiter is also lucky.  Now thinking about writing and communicating - where's Mercury? In the 6th house of service, next to the Moon, which in this case symbolises the public surely. Mercury the messenger is approaching its audience. The Moon is just past new - good for beginnings - and nestled nicely between Mercury in Leo and Venus in Virgo. I guess I'd better try to be poetic and artistic (Venus) as well as having something to say. Well I hope I'm going to have some luscious pictures on here. I'm a great believer in visual symbolism. In which case, where's my planet of illusion and photography, Neptune? Over there in there sitting comfortably in its own house (12) projecting images onto the Moon perhaps.