Tuesday, 30 November 2010

December Horoscopes

It snowed here last night, blanketing the city in magic. I hope it heralds a beautiful holiday season. To kick it off, I've written you a December horoscope, which is intended to give you a bit of a foretaste of this month.

I expect the shape of this horoscope to evolve over the year, since I want it to have as much integrity as possible – and as you know, Sun signs are only a fraction of the horoscope. This means of course that a monthly forecast can end up being impossibly vague or abstract.

So although I've written something for each sign, I recommend you read the forecast for everyone to get a flavour of the month ahead.

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Royal Wedding: The Bling of Power

We had a flying visit from our Indian friend this week with whom I had our usual discussion about things astrological.

We soon got around to the subject of that great big ring.

What ring?

The engagement ring Prince William gave Kate Middleton. It's a large sapphire surrounded by sparkly diamonds. Seen on the finger of a film star, some people might call it vulgar; on the hand of a royal-to-be, some people call it big.

The ring has been bothering me. Let me explain why.

Friday, 26 November 2010

What's Cooking in the Astrology Kitchen?

Take some onion, pepper and feta… or some planets,
some stars and some intuition
We each develop our own tastes in astrology. Some like it hot, some like it cold and some like a quick stir-fry with a dash of transits and a sprinkling of midpoints.

A couple of things that I came across recently started me thinking about the ingredients astrologers use to interpret charts.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Korea: Toxic Sibling Rivalry

Poster  for the 2004 Korean
blockbuster, The Brotherhood of War.
So South Korea is a successful, entrepreneurial (if rather corrupt) Leo Sun and North Korea is an angst-ridden, self-hating Virgo. Sibling rivalry is rarely this toxic.

The two countries were born just a few weeks apart on the 15 August and 9 September respectively in 1948. That gives them similar charts but with significant differences.

South Korea has a powerful stellium in Leo supporting the Sun, which also receives decent help from Jupiter and Mars. It also has a highly stabilising (though depressed) Moon in Capricorn supported by the Saturn-Sun conjunction. Meanwhile, the North's Sun sits, rather wistfully, alone in Virgo with all the other planets scattered in a wide, unintegrated arc.

There's something about North Korea's chart that fills me with gloom. I think it's the fact that there are so few close major aspects, which gives it a sort of weak emptiness. It's fragmented, disconnected. And we all know how a weak character can lash out and hurt people. North Korea's behaviour is attention-seeking and potentially disastrous.

Monday, 22 November 2010

Sagittariana: Goddess of the Hunt

As I write this, the Sun is poised to slip into the sign of the centaur, Sagittarius. And this forest being, half-man, half-horse will take us, at a gallop, into the heart of winter.

According to the Romans, his mentor is Diana, goddess of the Moon, wild creatures and the hunt. And there is a wildness about this time of year in the Northern Hemisphere. The winds blow. The rains slash. Cold comes. But it's a joyous kind of wildness. Nature has lost her mantle of green and we can canter through the forests unhampered by bracken and brambles. A cold fresh breeze whips at our faces, snaps the bare branches.

The Earth's bones and boulders lie revealed again and its time to dance with joy on the grave of the old year, before embracing the new one.

The month of the centaur Sun is a time of festivals and celebrations, good cheer and casual jubilation.  Jupiter, planet of bonhomie, rules.

Eat, drink and be merry now. Let your wildness ride.

Friday, 19 November 2010

"Don't Mind Me - I'm Just Your Astrological Mirror"

Beware of astrologers projecting their stuff onto you. Here's what happened to me the other day.

I go to various astrologers' groups. Obviously, it's important  to do this in order to talk about work, keep up-to-date with new ideas and exchange insights. Usually, the meetings are hugely enjoyable because I get to talk about astrology, my favourite subject, and hang out with some nice people.

If we feel its relevant to the subject, we bring our own charts.

So this time I did. Mistake.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Royal Wedding

Goodness me! Prince William (Cancer) is finally going to marry Kate Middleton (Capricorn), his girlfriend since, like, forever. That'll take our minds off the economy then .

I did predict – in passing – that it would be soon. See this post on my blog from October 20th for the context.

I hope they have a happy marriage, unlike Williams' parents, Charles and Diana.

Hmm, wonder why Charles was the one who got to stand on a box in this picture.

Monday, 15 November 2010

Burma: The Ugly Face of Astrology

Did you know that the moment of Burmese independence was chosen by an astrologer? That's why everyone had to get up before dawn to inaugurate the brand new state at 4.20am on 4 January 1948.

Burmese astrology, like its cousin Hindu astrology, is surprisingly similar to ours, but with a dash of Chinese number theory - and a slight shift in the signs of the Zodiac. Importantly, the seven traditional planets plus the North Node are used and a horoscope is cast in the same way that we do, so its possible to surmise what was going through the astrologer's head when he chose the day and the hour of independence.

The current Burmese leadership plan everything, from state
occasions to weddings, under the guidance of asrologers.
A few years ago they moved the capital from Rangoon
to the middle of the jungle because of the planets.
So, um, what went wrong? Burma has been a political, social and economic basketcase for years, suffering under one of the nastiest regimes on the planet.

Since independence the country has gone from being the second richest country in the region (after Japan) to pauperdom.

The astrologer who cast the electional chart for independence clearly wanted to make sure the government of the fledgling country was strong and stable.

She, or he, succeeded - just a little too well.

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Aung San Suu Kyi: Embodying the People's Dream

Steel Orchid.

She stands, tiny and fragile behind the iron fence, then graciously she accepts the gift of a flower and puts it in her hair.

The people of Burma are cursed to have such terrible governance, but blessed with such a leader. Aung San Suu Kyi is indomitable, indefatigable, brave, intelligent, beautiful. And one day, she may just lead the long-suffering people of her coutnry to freedom.

I don't like the over-use of the word icon, but I think in the case of Aung San Suu Kyi, it's justified. In her person, she represents the Burmese people's struggle for democracy. When she speaks, she speaks for the people. She is their dream of freedom and it shows in all the charts.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Astrology of Now: Coming Up For Air

Ophelia by John Everett Millais.
We've been deep in the dark waters of Scorpio lately. You may have been diving for pearls, but sometimes it gets quite hard to breathe down there – all that psychodrama can be suffocating.

Breathe easy now. Venus slipped backwards out of Scorpio and into her own sign, airy Libra, yesterday. Venus loves being in here. She can float around being lovely and having intelligent conversations. (Both Obama and our PM David Cameron should have success making new friends abroad.) She turns direct on the 19th, at which point you might want to think about getting your Christmas shopping done. You've got a week or so with Venus in the sign of taste and before Mercury goes retrograde in December.

Monday, 8 November 2010

Astrology of Now: Get Ready to Catch the Wave

Hokusai's Great Wave print (1831).
Watch the wave.

Water is pulled up into its belly. Some pushed forward from the ocean and some sucked backwards, pulled against the tide, across sand and shingle. The energy gathers. The wave grows – higher, stronger, faster – for a moment it seems to stand still. Then it crests and crash, falls, rushing to the shore.

The energy is gathering right now in the sky. Venus, Jupiter and Uranus are all pulling backwards and they are about to turn, so the holding energy is at full strength. The wave is growing in energy.

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Fire and Rain

Giant showers of caramel glitter, acid green parasols of fire, ruby red rain. And the real rain came in thin drenching sheets. And our faces shone in the light of thousands of falling stars, showers of glitter, flowers of burning light.

Bonfire night.

The wettest I can remember.

Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Uranus in water signs. Mars, alone, shooting fiery arrows from Sagittarius.

But what a magnificent sight. Fireworks fought through the downpour, smoke lit up in multi-coloured clouds, and the dark silhouettes of people gazing at fire. Everyone screamed at the biggest bangs.

The 5th of November is celebrated across Britain with fire and light. Effigies are burned, crosses set alight, burning tar carried through the street in barrels. It's said to commemorate the defeat of a plot to bomb parliament a few hundred years ago. In fact, we are challenging demons of winter with our own festival of light.

Last night the rain won eventually, but it was glorious.

Uranus in Pisces: Liberating the Imagination

Prometheus, the revolutionary fire-stealing Titan
whom historian Richard Tarnas argues should
be associated with the planet Uranus. I agree with him
Uranus has navigated the Piscean ocean with panache over the pat seven years, making waves in all kinds of directions. At the same time, Pisces' ruler Neptune has been washing slowly through Uranus' own sign Aquarius. So the two outer planets have been reinforcing each others' energy.

That's all about to change next year. But while we have these two heavy-hitters still working along similar lines for the next few months, it's worth thinking a bit about what this energy means. These outer planets influence the collective. In other words, fashion, politics, the general spirit of the times; the dreams that we share.

Uranus and Aquarius – planet and associated sign – represent, among many other things, rebellion, revolution and innovation. Neptune and Pisces represent, again among many things, the unconscious and imagination. So how does Uranus in Pisces revolutionise our collective imagination?

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Astrology of now: Pay Attention to Your Dreams

Here in Oxford, we are having an extraordinarily beautiful autumn. The leaves are lambent red and gold, yellow and bright green. The air is very still, slightly damp and shining. It is unusually warm, so the light is not crisp and sharp, but gleaming. In short it is like a dream.

I cycled back from the school drop-off today dazed and dazzled by the beauty of these suburban streets, trying to drink it in through my pores.

I am doing my best to enjoy these dreamy days because, like so many other people, I have in fact been gripped by a gnawing fear – what is the future going to bring? Are we on the edge of a precipice? Beneath this thin veil of beauty is there really a beast waiting to gobble us all up?

But it's my job to make sense of the times, to find a pattern and meanings that can help us move forward and so I have been thinking hard about the beast.

Any astrologer will tell you that we are in a time of momentous change – and we have been since 2008. I mentioned in previous posts that we are now stepping through a portal into the future. When Jupiter and Uranus turn direct and then move into Aries after Christmas, we will accelerate into our future.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Captain Haddock: Scorpio Man?

I'm afraid I've had to take down
Captain Haddock, so here's another
bearded sailor instead.
"Billions of blistering barnacles in a thundering typhoon, astrology! What a load of codswallop!"

I can almost hear him shouting now. (Sigh) I've always had a soft spot for Captain Haddock, Tintin's companion in adventure, merchant mariner, millionaire and lush.

He wouldn't like it, would he – Captain Haddock - being told he was a typical Scorpio, maybe with a strong flavour of Sagittarius and a dash, even, with his inventive invective, of Gemini or Virgo.

But what makes him a Scorpio?