Thursday, 10 November 2011

Celluloid-Meltingly Sexy Scorpios

Equally beautiful, equally deadly. Alain Delon (Nov 8) and Monica Vitti (Nov 3). It took a Libra, Michelangelo Antonioni, to put them together in  L'Eclisse (1962).

Rather appropriately for our times he plays a shallow, materialistic stockbroker unable to connect emotionally. She is a translator unable to turn sex into love. Oh well...


  1. P (also known as P)10 November 2011 22:32

    Oy - that's called burning holes in the screen

  2. christinarodenbeck10 November 2011 23:07


  3. My consideration is: It was 192, the film “L’Eclisse” (The Eclypse) and the main theme you said is soa ctual still! Perhaps still more...
    How much time has passed! How few the things have changed!

  4. christinarodenbeck11 November 2011 12:19

    1962! And still relevant.

  5. Scorch marks on my eyeballs. Wow.

    People are still people... Is that cynical? Some are so in love with their broken-ness they can't even want to be well.

    The difference is, I think, that we have a quorum of the dissatisfied. The superrich forgot the lesson the French, Russians and Chinese learned at such cost: don't let too many people become so desperate they have nothing to lose. Sufficient social spending is not just 'nice', it's good policy.

    It's been a year of eclipses. Might have to find & rent this :)

  6. This movie is about alienation. Watch it when you're feeling able to cope with two decadent narcissists boring each other into total anomie.

    Leaves one feeling a tad gloomy.

  7. @ Isy Aweigh: And lets not forget the Libyans, the Tunisians, the Thais, the Bahrainis, the Saudis (oh, there's trouble there, you can be sure of that)...... the list goes on and on.

  8. @Christina:
    I can see the SNL (or UK or Canadian equivalent) now:

    Couple on couch, languid and smoking:
    Her: ..sigh....
    Him: ..silent sigh..
    Her: ..sigh.. I'm bored
    Him: ..sigh.. I'm more bored
    Her: I'm so bored I could drink (what? antifreeze? Is that even funny? Crikey, for a Merc in Gemini I'm terrible at telling jokes. So much for the benefits of Merc trine Saturn :) )