Monday, 21 November 2011

Egypt: More Work To Do

Praying in Tahrir Square
Back in February, I concluded my piece on Egypt with this remark: "Meanwhile, it remains to be seen if the junta makes way for a genuine democracy. Getting rid of Mubarak may turn out to have been the easy part." 

To read the rest of that post, Killing the Father, and another called Egypt, Your Enemy Is In The Mirror, both written during February, click here and here.

What I said then still holds true, and indeed seems even more apposite. 

Now Mars (the military) has moved into Egypt's first house. They are now showing their hand openly. It was always obvious that the junta which runs Egypt had never let go of power. Thousands of people have been arrested since February and "tried" in military courts. Unfortunately for the people of Egypt, Mars is hanging around in Virgo, "cleaning up" until next June.

The other big change is the move of Jupiter into Taurus and Egypt's ninth house of religion. I suspect the importance of the Muslim Brotherhood will become very apparent in the months to come. A religious leader may come forward.

Meanwhile, Mercury will retrograde in Jupiter's sign Sagittarius. I wonder if certain promises are about to be unpromised. 


  1. Grim times for our old stomping grounds.

    Of course, I now live in the land of pepper-spray and psychotic police. Plus ca change...

  2. I am rather heartened by the events in Egypt now.

    It shows the grit and determination that are surely necessary to get rid of such an entrenched kleptocracy.

  3. It was a false dawn - but better that than no dawn at all. Now it's time to roll our sleeves up.

  4. Kleptocracy -- godya! Now I know what to call our radical right.

    Good points. More to mull .. :)