Monday, 14 November 2011

Hmmm… Just A Touch Of Scorpio?

Artist Georgia O'Keeffe born 15 Nov 1887 - Sun, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter in Scorpio opposite 
Neptune (illusion, glamour)-Pluto (death again).

Scorpio - death, archeology, digging deep, the bare bones - and sex. Scorpio rules the genitals, of course.


  1. Hi! Mum wanted me to be a Doctor. Skulls, Blood anatomical parts still make me faintish...hence would not invest in art that triggers bad health. However I can appreciate the arts like the next person. A friend of mine with Scorpio ascendent pursued taxidermy for a while so I get it :
    PS:Colours make a difference too black and white images seem less anatomical in this case. Coloured images I don't know!

  2. @Hemisha - welcome to the OA.
    Beauty and death - O'Keefe was deep into the essence of things