Monday, 28 February 2011

March Horoscopes

Purple and yellow crocuses have raised their heads on my wet lawn. Snowdrops are still nodding in the borders and the fleshy leaves of daffodils and tulips promise more spring flowers.

I’m just back from Istanbul, where, to my surprise, nature seems poised at the just the same point as it is here, ready to gallop into the new season.

I try  to use this time of year, when the Sun is in Pisces the Zodiac's final sign, to look back at the previous 12 months and see what I’ve learned, what I’ve lost and what I’ve gained. 

For all of us, this should be a time of contemplation before the world blasts into Aries on March 21, but frankly it does not all seem to be sweetness. Uranus, the planet of change is punching his way into Aries on the 12th to begin a six-year tour of the sign of war and fresh starts.

And to underline that theme, those two old gods, Jupiter and Saturn, will face off across the signs of war (Aries) and peace (Libra) at the end of the month.

For this month's horoscopes I've focused on Uranus because you should all be preparing for change in some area of you life and it's better to welcome it than to fight it.

As usual,  you should read your rising sign too if you know it. And remember, this is the broadest possible view of how Uranus will affect you, if you'd like a more in depth analysis, click here to get in touch.

To read your March horoscope, click here.

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Arab Spring

I wrote a post at the start of this month about the Year of Revolutions, 1848, and its paralells with now. To read it and reflect on the events in Bahrain, Libya, Egypt, Tunisia click here.

Monday, 14 February 2011

Talk on Monsters

I'm giving a talk on Scary Monsters.

February 16 at the Oxford Astrology Group. For more information look at their site.

Come along if you're in the neighborhood.

Valentine's Day, Aquarius and the Goddess of Marriage

I've always thought it more than a little ironic that the day of the year designated for lovers is February 14.

After all the Sun is in Aquarius – and Aquarius, as we all know is cool, calm, friendly, intelligent, rational. But passionate? Romantic? Heart-broken? Love-struck? Frenzied? Well, not exactly. And what about Aquarius' reputation for staying happily single?

So why have we chosen to celebrate love and marriage when the Sun is visiting the coolest sign in the Zodiac.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Egypt's Revolution: Killing the Father?

Egyyptian women demonstrating in the 1919
uprising against the British. Photo: Wikimedia Commons
As you already know if you are a regular reader of this blog, Egypt is having its second Saturn Return. And it's all been rather exciting to say the least. I thought I'd just remind you of a couple of things I said in a previous post which have already been shown to be accurate.

"In the case of a national chart, a new moon suggests that the relationship between the people and the government is smothering. The government acts like a domineering, all-powerful parent suppressing the voice of the people." – That's what I wrote about the Egyptian national chart on January 27th.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

What Astrologers Are Saying About Chiron in Pisces

A 19th-century wooden centaur attributed to a Mr Dines.
The planetoid Chiron, which orbits between Uranus and Saturn, was discovered in 1977 and has caused some excitement among astrologers ever since.

It takes about 50 years to make it's way around the zodiac, which means that you will have a "Chiron Return" at around the age of 50, which, like the Saturn Return, can be a time of great reckoning. People born in the 1960s are about to experience this.

I think the meaning of Chiron is still unfolding. It's very prominent in my own chart, but I often find that commentary on Chiron does not resonate with me. So my advice when you read up on Chiron is always take what's said with a pinch of salt. My response is show me the evidence.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

How Chiron Helped Me Get Healed

Giovanni Bellini's Adoration of the Sleeping Child.
Let me tell you about the last time Chiron conjuncted one of my personal planets, because it was very lovely.

My second baby was just one month old and I was living in the delicious fog of love that descends almost uncannily on so many mothers at the very moment a child is born.

Giving birth the first time had had exactly the same effect and I couldn't believe I could fall in love so passionately twice. Love had expanded to include both my children and my beloved. We had gone from being an exclusive threesome to being a family.

Of course my transits were awesome at that time. But not all awesomely good. On the birthday itself, Uranus, the planet of change, was on my Sun – exactly. Yes, my life changed forever the moment my baby was born.

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Art and Astrology: Aquarian Self-portraits

Aquarius is the sign of the avant-garde – and who could be more emblematic of the avant garde than Edouard Manet. Some of his paintings are still kind of shocking when you think about it.

Dejeuner sur L'Herbe scandalised Paris when it was exhibited in 1863.
You can see why. What's the naked lady doing with men dressed
in the 19th century equivalent of chinos & sweaters?

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Monthly horoscopes: February

This month I'm focusing on how you can take advantage of Jupiter's move into fiery Aries for a half-year sojourn. Click here for the scopes.

2011: Springtime of the Peoples

Set during the Paris uprising of 1848,
Flaubert's novel Sentimental Education
explores lessons in love and friendship.
It was published some 20 years after the events.
I've been thinking about the planet Neptune's ingress into Pisces a lot over the past year.  This will happen in March.

It's a biggie – as important as Pluto entering Capricorn, which signalled the collapse of the banking system in 2008.

Neptune is a slow-moving planet. Last time he moved into Pisces was February 1848.

That year, when Neptune moved back and forth over the last degrees of Aquarius and into Pisces, is known by historians as the Year of Revolutions or more poetically, the Springtime of the Peoples. Why?