Sunday, 1 January 2012

New Year's Resolutions

The Orphic Egg from
which the first god hatched.
Happy New Year, everyone. 

Like quite a lot of people, I spent a while last night thinking about New Year's resolutions. And you know, I can't think of one that I have made or kept, so I thought this one should be different, especially since we had an intriguingly powerful planetary line up as 2012 was born.

The 'Lights', the most important 'planets' in the chart were aligned with the the Uranus-Pluto square that has dominated the cosmos this year, bringing so much upheaval.

The Sun, bringer of life, was lined up with Pluto, bringer of death and transformation, in this month's sign, Capricorn. You can end something, bury it, finish it off.

The Moon, our emotions and instincts, was lined up with Uranus, change and revolution, in Aries the sign of beginning. You can start something, instil a new habit, change the way you feel.

With this kind of help, we might just be able to keep this year's resolution. 

I've made some suggestions here by Sun sign, since the Sun is the core of our identity. How we treat the Sun, allowing it to outshine all the other planets, or suppressing it is vital to our well being, so think about how you could nurture your Sun or encourage it to behave in a way that is contrary to its nature and therefore soul-expanding.

It's your oyster.
Aries -  I will have an adventure
Taurus - I will share - my talent, my hoard or my time
Gemini - I will make a point of concentrating on a project and completing it
Cancer - I will stop squitching and take care of someone who's not family
Leo - I will be completely, totally and consciously me at least once a day
Virgo - I will take a risk however small, once a week - and I will not listen to that critical voice

Libra - I will stop worrying about what other people think or do, and examine my own actions and conscience.
Scorpio - I will forgive - other people and also myself
Sagittarius - I will listen properly and consciously at least once a week and see what I can learn from that.
Capricorn - I will have fun and forget my responsibilities and strategies once a week without fail
Aquarius - I will allow myself to feel
Pisces - I will use my mentality, wake up to reality


  1. We've been spending out time clearing out the attic and freecycling unwanted stuff - making space for new energy to come in, I hope! Sounds like we have been doing the right thing...

  2. Out with the old... Freecycle is great as long as you can manage the website!

  3. "I will have an adventure" .... sigh. Again?? ;)

  4. But seriously ... I tend to play my cards close to my chest so my mundane resolution is to communicate my plans more effectively. Since I travel a lot and that depends on others, it's a no-brainer.

    The BIG resolution is to find remission. That involves throwing out the idea that this disease is truly incurable. It also means starting something so completely new that it doesn't exist in the literature except as "miracles" and the like.

    Since I intend to document this transformation and dig up whatever science I can that supports it, this particular "miracle" will not get to be swept under the rug as something that others have no hope of.

    Making room for hope. And then filling it with something real. I did the former last year ( and it looks like this year is to start the outwardly visible work.

    I WILL find a way. That's my adventure!

  5. @Isy - You are brave and don't you think the pioneering spirit of your enterprise is Aries at its very best