Wednesday, 7 November 2012

US Election: Natal Chart 1, Solar Arc 0

Compassion, tolerance and generosity: that was a storming victory speech from Barack Obama.

The US election was close in terms of the popular vote, but in fact Barack Obama won a comfortable majority of seats in the electoral college. There were queues and chaos at some polling stations, but nothing like what happened last time there was an election during Mercury Rx. The game-changer came the week before in the form of a banshee-hurricane that reminded Americans that they can pull together when the going gets tough, no matter what their political stripe.

As for the astrology, my experiment with solar arcs was not successful but the astrological profile of Romney, which led me to feel that he ought to lose, proved accurate. Here it is: Mitt Romney: Imitation of Life,  And here's the solar arc piece, Putting My Foot in the US Election, which led me to conjecture that, despite his natal chart, he might actually win.

It does come down to the methodology in the end. The first profile was a straightforward analysis of his character and circumstances with a known birth time.

The second was a bit avant-garde. It's not a method I normally use. Since so many other astrologers had done very thorough predictions using the usual tools (transits, progressions, etc), I wanted to try something different. I'd just used solar arcs successfully to analyse the timing of my broken foot, so  I chose them.

I was fairly cautious since it relied on an accurate birth time for the United States. I chose to use the Sibley chart, since that is the most popular, and simply compared that directed forward with those of the candidates also directed forward. The result was unequivocal in astrological terms – Romney's Sun conjuncted the US MC to the degree – but wrong. I will keep an eye on what he does next to see if it makes any sense with this chart.

Here are the variables.
The US birth chart: there are three main candidates for this, but at least 20 alternatives.
Which charts you progress: the US chart and the candidate's chart or just the candidate's chart against the US natal.
Perhaps that's already too many. I could have included transits, of course, but my aim was to keep it simple.

On the other hand, Obama's victory is America's victory, so I can't say I'm sorry that the solar arc chart doesn't work. He represents the best face of that country: intelligent, tolerant and responsible. 

As I lie here in bed with my broken foot in a National Health Service boot, I cheer and say roll on Obamacare.


  1. Very interesting that with SA Romney's sun would conjunct US MC!
    We are here celebrating and very thankful that common sense prevailed. I personally felt that the Leo Moon protected him. Mother land...

  2. I have never been able to warm to Solar Arcs, although people I respect love them.

    I am sooo happy about this election. It was interesting that Romney was so convinced he would win that he didn't have a concession speech written. (Obama did.)And he didn't concede until the very late. (Although I don't have a problem with that. Gore conceded before he should have in my opinion and I'm still not over it. So I wouldn't wish that on others.)

    I'm sorry to hear you've got a broken? foot. How uncomfortable! I hope it mends quickly.

  3. Sabrina - Yes It was a victory for common sense. There is something very Saturnine about Obama also. I guess it's the Aquarius Rising.

    I must say I think Americans should feel very proud. I know the Republicans and the Democrats loathe each other but this time both parties came up with substantial candidates. Compared to the lightweights we have here, both Obama and Romney seem fabulous. I just hope the reds and the blues can work together.

    Em - Oh, I think it was quite reasonable to wait too. Gore really got burnt that time.

    I've never really worked with the SAs before for the same reason. I guess I might stay away in future too!

  4. Hmm – SAs. You were very cautious indeed in your interpretation but in the end it came down to that chart. Well worth keeping an eye on Romney and what happens next though. I feel something's afoot astrologically (that's an odd and unintended pun so I'm leaving it as I typed it, forgive me).

  5. i really appreciate your sharing your study journey with your readers. as always, a consistently great post.

  6. Thanks. I am feeling pretty annoyed with myself for not putting more time into looking at the US election charts. (I would be kicking myself but the foot is broken!) I shouldn't have been so taken with the partile aspect.

    When I can face it, I think I'll go back and have a deeper look, because I think I should probably have included transits.