Friday, 27 September 2013

...And From The Archives: Whose Dreams Are You Dreaming?

Richard Diebenkorn.
I was looking for something on this site and came across this post about the uses of astrology. I think it's worth revisiting.


  1. Great insights, Christina!
    I've always thought of astrology as a kind of poetry – a language for describing the indescribable. In school, a teacher once advised that when scanning the night sky with the naked eye, if you want to see a particular star (planet!), look a little bit to one side, as gazing directly at it will make it "disappear." I think he was referring to the idea that fixedly staring at an object temporarily exhausts the rods in your eyes and renders what you want to see "invisible," but I've adopted it as a way of approaching life's mysteries – slantwise!
    P.S. I love the Ocean Park series ... Diebenkorn perfectly captures the way Southern California's harsh sunlight can be transformed, made serene by the misty air coming off the Pacific.

  2. Me too. One of the most moving exhibitions I've ever been to was a Diebenkorn retrospective.