Friday, 4 October 2013

Is There A Gay Planet?

Prometheus by Andre Durand.  
Srelton: Uranian
Is there a gay planet? Not really, but perhaps for obvious reasons, the planet of revolution, eccentricity and difference, Uranus, often makes itself powerfully felt in the natal charts of gay people. Some famous singing examples are Elton John with Uranus in the seventh house of marriage; kd lang with Uranus conjunct Moon; Neil Tennant, Sun-Uranus conjunction.

But a strong Uranus is probably more about being out and proud, about breaking the rules than an expression of sexual preferences.

Fidel: Uranian
The symbolism makes sense. Uranus governs conformity and difference. Like the sign it co-rules, Aquarius, Uranus is both about daring to be an outsider and being a member of a group. These two things are opposites, of course, but that is how astrology works: in polarities.

So for example, a strong Uranus might be in the chart of a revolutionary, or a dictator. Fidel Castro, who started life as a bringer of change in Cuba, ended up running a calcified regime. His Uranus conjuncts his Midheaven.

Liz Greene: Uranian
Another group with an affinity with Uranus is astrologers, of course. For example, Liz Green, who both writes and lectures about astrology, has Uranus conjunct the North Node in Gemini opposite her Moon in Sagittarius.

It's generally accepted that the Stonewall Riot kicked off the modern gay rights movement. That took place early in the morning of June 28, 1969 in New York City.

Uranus was at 0° Libra, the sign of partnership... It certainly was the beginning of a revolution in the institution of marriage... Today, Uranus is in Aries, the opposite sign to Libra. Aries is all about asserting one's individualism. We are seeing the results of that first protest back in the sixties, as in this country at any rate, being gay has become decidedly bourgeois. The only marriages I've been to recently have been same sex. And there's a lot of legislation about gay marriage either being passed or debated across the Western world.

Of course, on most of the planet, it's still dangerous to be gay, so there's absolutely nothing to be complacent about, and Uranus' encounter with Pluto has some dark potentials.


  1. Just a few years before 1969, Uranus was closely conjunct Pluto. I am one of many who were born with Uranus conjunct Pluto - in my case, they are combust, actually. So close in my chart that I have trouble differentiating the energies of those two. Now that Uranus has gone more than halfway round the chart, and is at a square to Pluto, it'll be interesting to see what comes forth that may have its roots in the 1960s.

    1. Me too. I thought it was useful to put up the Stonewall Chart. There aren't that many political movements with such an accurate birth time.

  2. BTW There was a big response to this on the FB page, so you might want to look at what people said there.