About me

I'm told you need to spend 10,000 hours practicing a skill before you become really good at it. 

I've been working on astrology since I was a kid, drawing up charts since I was in my twenties (by hand at first) and working as an astrologer – off and on – for ten years. That's a lot more than 10,000 hours.

But you also have to have some experience of the life's journey in order to give people good advice.

I've had plenty of that  – good and bad, happy and sad, strange, unexpected and sometimes just plain dull. Astrology has helped me make sense of it and helped me arrive at the happy place I am now. It's also shown me never, ever to believe that life has come to a standstill or to be complacent.

I don't subscribe to any particular school of astrology, but I do make a point of keeping up to date.  I choose the ideas that work when I apply them to a real chart and real life and throw out the ones that turn out to be, well, wishful. 

My writing
For more of my written work on astrology, check out the IMP partwork, Astrology and the Mystic Arts. I devised it, acted as the expert consultant and wrote many of the articles.
Books I've written include: A Busy Person's Guide to Meditation, A Busy Person's Guide to Crystals, My Inner Pilgrimage, Buddha in My Pocket, Madonna in My Pocket. 
Books I've edited include: 10 volumes of the Time-Life series, Myth and Mankind and Ideas that Shaped Our World. 
I've contributed to countless others.

If you want to get in touch with me, drop me a note at c.rodenbeck@yahoo.com.